94 Mental Transformation

Beliefs, habits, and mental attachments cause most of the distress that we experience as humans. Sometimes we don’t even realize we have them! We at times hang on to what we are used to and this can block our greatness and the flow of new opportunities to open up for us. 

Now that we are making a planetary transition, it requires us to let go of these obstacles to true awakening. Our future Sirius friends who have released these obstacles can help us with this because they provide loving guidance to help us navigate this transition. This card asks you to be truthful about your limiting beliefs and habits, even the positive ones, and open yourself to new and flexible ways of thought and being.
This card assesses the energy from the Sirian era after they became an awakened species and transcended to a non physical fifth-density state. The Sirians from this era are a great model for humans because when they were young, their species had many of the same challenges that plague humans now. One of these challenges is that humans are often their worst enemies because of their destructive thought patterns that continually sabotage spiritual growth and the transformation of the planet. When the Sirians were able to transcend their destructive mental patterns, they were able to make their planetary transition with ease. Look at your life circumstances for clues. The meaning may have to do with a needed transformation that must take place in your thought and belief patterns in order for you to make a shift. Conversely, the card may be acknowledging that you have made this shift and are ready to move into a new level of growth. (Self-honesty will be needed in order to know which of these options, or another is accurate.) It is quite possible that guides from this Sirius era are working with you in your growth. If you feel this is the case, open yourself even more to the wisdom they can share with you.
Do not fear change, for freedom always comes from this type of mental transformation.
*Oracle card from the Galactic Heritage Card deck

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