Discovering the common ground within

After doing my personal cycle reading I felt to ask my loving guides for a message to share with the world. A message that would be most helpful and direct to the collective during these progressively changing times. I feel like these cards/energies can have a profound message of assistance for us in our personal transformation and growth when we are open to receiving the messages. 

This is a general reading for all. Even if you do not believe in this, or are even atheist the messages can still provide constructive and positive insight into your life I believe. I encourage you to have an open mind and heart. These messages may not resonate with everyone. Take what inspires you, ponder or meditate on the messages, and leave the rest. 

Common Ground
Hybrid represents the building of a bridge between two different realities and standing on that common ground from a place of empowerment to create a new evolved species. The energy is influencing you now to help you bring together two aspects of yourself that previously conflicted. This powerful card means that a profound integration is forth coming! 
This is a highly archetypal card meaning it represents a powerful force in the universe. It represents the archetypal theme of the integration of polarity on a physical and ideological level. A hybrid is a combination of two different aspect to create a third idea. There are so many Hybrid races to name in the galactic family. This also signifies the marriage of two different themes in your life and how they can be brought together in a fruitful way. Are you having difficulty making a decision or if there is a conflict between two things, this card suggest you can integrate them. It will take patience and creativity. But it is entirely possible when you commit to it and the process. This card also serves as a literal connection to a hybrid being. They may be helping you at this stage in your journey. Look at the themes and challenges in your life and see where integration can happen. This integration of polarity in the outer world represents an even more powerful integration of your inner world. 

I felt to ask for a Clarity Card to ensure what aspect or area of life this is most needed in.

Ace of Swords
(Swords represent: Mental/Air Intellect, analytical thought, challenges and animosity)
This can indicate new beginnings in some way or in many ways in your life in a mental way from a shift in perspective or seeing clearly a situation. Triumph over adversity. Inner strength and mental clarity. Triumph achieved from thought process after a long struggle. Finding or discovering answers to some difficult question in ones personal life. On a mental quest, and spiritual guidance helped clear the way. Clarity and mental power give the ability to succeed. Personal victory over mental strife can come suddenly with great strength and powerful insight. A sense of personal freedom and the urge to break free from previous limitations.

So here I can see the connection with the Ace of Swords and the Common Ground cards. There are so many ways to look at this. Whatever understanding comes to you first go with that. What first comes to mind is how there may be two conflicting aspects that seem totally opposite within ones self that when used together and integrated can bring about a brand new force and clarity that will greatly benefit oneself and others. Also, perhaps when it said: "A hybrid is a combination of two different aspect to create a third idea." in a literal sense we could look at our skill sets and discover 2 opposite skills that are strong within, using them, and then having the realization of a brand new force/skill set. A new clarity and a new success. This also makes me think of when you are doing shadow work and find some aspects you thought you didn't want to showcase to the world but are finding it actually can be of crucial benefit when used in conjunction with your everyday strong skills to then create a new way of being or doing something. I feel we all have these capabilities and I am finding this more and more within myself too. Life get easier when we find clarity and we then gain a new sense of self empowerment to take us to new levels of experiences. 

There is the other part that mentions the possibility of a literal connection to a Hybrid being and them helping you at this time. Did that part resonate with you at all? I feel in general that there are many are Divine loving beings and energies always assisting us from the other realms and dimensions of existence all the time, but even more so during these transformative times. 

Please share, what common ground within yourself are you discovering? Has it been challenging? How has it empowered you?

I hope you have found this information helpful and insightful.

With Love,

I Am Rosalie



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